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Executive Music Producers

The role of executive music producers in the entertainment industry is well established, but not necessarily easily defined. Responsibilities, involvement, and influence of executive music producers depends largely on the role needed in different situations and with different clients. Executive music producers can provide name only, can be project supervisors, or can provide hands-on management of overall music production processes.

Executive music producers of music albums may work hand-in-hand with managers, musicians, and producers, may take on all responsibility for production of tracks, and may control all decision in the making of albums, i.e., the number songs, which songs, and the order of songs that are included in albums they produce. The names of executive music producers may be attached to the albums they produce, in which cases, they will have well-develop reputations that influence distribution and sales of albums.

Executive music producers may be agents who discover talents, may be lawyers who represent artists, or may finance production of albums, tours, bands, or individual artists. By representing or involving themselves with music genres, executive music producers develop reputations that attract particular types of musicians. Musicians may seek out direction and influence of executive music producers to further develop their performance and music styles, to develop a base of support, and to determine a course of action. The top executive music producers can provide the keys needed for launching and sustaining careers of songwriters, singers, and bands.

Executive music producers can help develop their client’s talents, pitch for their clients, match their clients with labels, and direct their clients to successful contracts, and they come with proven and impressive success ratios. Included in their skills may be working with labels, publishers, producers, managers, with film and TV supervisors.

Finding good executive music producers will take some research. Musicians should start small to work out as many bugs as possible and get their p’s and q’s in order before approaching any major executive music producers to help launch them to stardom. Musicians should seek out executive music producers affiliated with major record labels, music publishers, music supervisors, TV and radio program directors, and Grammy-winners. In turn, executive music producers will expect excellent quality of music, a degree of success, professionalism, and personal connections to the music industry.

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