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List Of Songs That Can Uplift Your Mood

Yoga, meditation, exercise, sleeping and reading are some of the best ways to relieve stress. But there is one uncredited source of dopamine release, i.e., music. Researches suggest that listening to music might actually save you from becoming depressed or help you in a speedy recovery from surgery.

Mindlab International put some of its best neuroscientists to research the physiological effect on people of music. The study recorded the comparison between how participants responded physically to music and solving complex puzzles. They found that listening to music had a positive and great effect on most of the participants. So, we have prepared a list of those songs that were included in this study that might help you in managing your dopamine and cortisol levels.

Marconi Union’s Weightless

Marconi Union’s Weightless

The English band is known to have worked with neuroscientists and sound therapists to create a song that they claim to be the most relaxing song ever created in the world. The music band creates ambient and relaxing music.

Some people participated in the study of how the song will affect humans. It was found that the song was able to reduce 65% of stress among them. The song is made according to ‘Entertainment’ which is a biomusicological phenomenon according to sound therapist Lyz Cooper of the British Academy of Sound Therapy.

Airstream Electra

The song is similar in tempo to Weightless because the rate of its rhythmic beats is 60 beats per second which are analogous to the heart rate. However, the song is more chill as it’s based on the hip-hop genre mildly. It is good for people who do yoga. The song is a mix of chirpiness and uplifts the mood filling the environment with positive vibes.

Mellomaniac- Chillout Mix by DJ Shah

Reverb guitar with a hint of Ostinato’s beats, the song gives music composers a major goal with its eclectic repetitive musical pattern. The repetition might appear boring to some people but it actually helps in chilling the nerves. Whenever we hear a high-tempo or different note in a song, our mind becomes active. Repetitive music let us feel it and not judge it.  As the name suggests, the music is sweet and soft to hear.

Watermark by Enya

Watermark by Enya

Enya has been delivering smashing hits one after the other. She debuted with ‘Only Time’ which is also categorised as a relaxing song. Her latest release, Watermark is also decorated with a simple music pattern with soothing piano notes with a hint of melodic chorus singing in the background.

Pure Shores by All Saints

This song was an anthem of the early 2000s. The dream-pop number was both commercially and critically successful. The music video features the beach that was included as a backdrop in Leonardo Di Caprio’s phenomenal thriller movie ‘The Beach’.

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