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Relaxing Music To Calm

You feel so great and rewarding when the radio station plays your favourite track. A long journey may appear tedious without music too. Our brain reacts positively to the rhythm, pitch and tone of the music that we hear. While a hard rock song may bring your heart rate up by pumping adrenaline, soft classical music can relieve all the pain either physical or mental.

Music can trigger a variety of chemical reactions in the brain. We hear sound in vibrations. These vibrations are converted into electrical signals in the inner part of our ears. The brain perceives these electrical signals and reacts accordingly.

Music can also help in controlling the stress hormone, cortisol. It releases endorphins, also known as happy hormones and dopamine that can help in getting relieved of physical pain. While the prolonged release of cortisol may make you a heart patient, music can help in uplifting the mood and lower cortisol levels. They can help in lowering anxiety levels, induce better sleep, and improve the quality of life.

controlling the stress hormone

So, it is not just you who relates positively to music. Nature has wired our brain to feel relaxed when exposed to rhythmic sounds that are good to hear. Let us find out how music can help maintain better standards of life.

It reduces the release of cortisol

Researches conducted over the years suggest that listening to music can affect alarming levels of cortisol and help in controlling them. Cortisol is released by the brain when a person feels stressed. While it triggers improved focus and energy in a pressuring situation, exposing the body to prolonged stress and cortisol can do more damage than good.

Patients who listened to low-tempo classical music reported feeling less pain after surgery and it helped them in recovering better. The rate of improvement and recovery was low in patients who did not take music therapy.

Music can relax neurons and induce better sleep. Doctors often advise patients who find it difficult to fall asleep to listen to music before going to bed. Music has the potential to treat insomnia in some people.  Getting a night of quality sleep is good because it naturally reduces tension and clears the mind.

Listening to music is like therapy

The brain can respond differently to the rhythm, tone, and pitch of the type of music you listen to. for some people, classical music may trigger a bout of emotion that stirs the brain as opposed to having a calming effect.

But classical music works for most people. It can be compared with meditation and hypnosis. Musical notes can later the electrical activity going on between neurons letting you go in a trance like a state. The altering effect can help in the treatment of migraine, PTSD, PMS, depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders like attention deficit disorder.

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